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San Diego Flight Times – alphabetical by last name


Below is the list of flight times. Please arrive 30 minutes before flight time.
Last Name First Name Flight Time
Alvarado Carlos Joaquin 11:30 AM
Alvarez William 2:30 PM
Andrews Nicholas 2:30 PM
Barrows Corbin 9:30 AM
Camerota Maria 10:30 AM
Carr LeAnne 12:30 PM
Cary Benjamin 10:30 AM
Castellanos Ricardo 10:30 AM
chaney nathaniel 9:30 AM
chavez emilio 3:30 PM
chavez eric 3:30 PM
Chinchilla August 1:30 PM
Daneri Aidan 10:30 AM
Daoud Amir 9:30 AM
De Roock Anya 10:30 AM
donofrio emma 1:30 PM
Figueroa Robert 10:30 AM
Fox Gracie 2:30 PM
Fox Nathan 2:30 PM
Fox Tyler 1:30 PM
Friedman Joshua 11:30 AM
Gomez Johnathan 9:30 AM
Gonzalez Dylan 9:30 AM
Grayem Alex 11:30 AM
Grimm Riley 2:30 PM
Guzman Asmeth 12:30 PM
Harding Jaxon 1:30 PM
Harper Mark 11:30 AM
Harris Brahm 3:30 PM
Hernandez Daniel 3:30 PM
Hernandez Ryan 2:30 PM
Hernandez Sebastian 12:30 PM
Hogan Pearl 3:30 PM
Hoppa Marcos 12:30 PM
Houshan Kamden 3:30 PM
Hubbard Ryan 2:30 PM
Hyder Shaan 1:30 PM
iones pamela 9:30 AM
Jain Christina 10:30 AM
Keys Willie 9:30 AM
Kindreich Addison 1:30 PM
Kirch Ava 12:30 PM
Kooner Maanav 2:30 PM
Lainez Jose 3:30 PM
Lam Chase 10:30 AM
Lam Micah 11:30 AM
Laudner Devri 2:30 PM
Lee Daniel 12:30 PM
Leon Guerrero Millie 10:30 AM
Lin Yushen 10:30 AM
Loria Ashley 2:30 PM
Macias Frank 2:30 PM
Magallaens Natalie 12:30 PM
Mathine Michelle 12:30 PM
Mondragon Emma 10:30 AM
Nerio Brandon 1:30 PM
Palacios Christopher 1:30 PM
Palacios Daniel 1:30 PM
Palacios Sophia 9:30 AM
Peterson Brian 2:30 PM
Pineda Deanna 9:30 AM
Pochop Hunter 9:30 AM
Pope Jacob 3:30 PM
Prim Christina 11:30 AM
Ramirez Emily Anne 11:30 AM
Ramirez Jason 3:30 PM
Ren Jenny 11:30 AM
Rittenberg Sebastian 2:30 PM
Robinson Jerome 3:30 PM
Robledo Cesar 1:30 PM
Roling Kira 3:30 PM
Rose Konnor 3:30 PM
Ruckel Lexi 9:30 AM
Sanchez Angelo Tigershark 1:30 PM
Savage Ryder 1:30 PM
Seikel Sarah 10:30 AM
Sevilla Larissa 3:30 PM
Sharp Sean Pablo 12:30 PM
Sitkowski Luc 3:30 PM
Stearns Amara 2:30 PM
Stotler Pei Lin 11:30 AM
Tafoya Quincy 9:30 AM
Torres Marlon 11:30 AM
Tovar Manny 1:30 PM
Valadez Daniel 9:30 AM
Valdivia Diego 12:30 PM
Vargas Francisco 3:30 PM
Vargas Isabella 12:30 PM
Vasquez Ian 1:30 PM
Vasquez-Sigala NIcholas 11:30 AM
Vildibill Joey 10:30 AM
Villalpando Andres 12:30 PM
Virgen Trinity 12:30 PM
Voit Aiko 9:30 AM
Vouaux Ryan 12:30 PM
Wessels Lightning 2:30 PM
Willis Mackenzie 11:30 AM
Wilson Kayden 1:30 PM
Wong Lauryn 1:30 PM
Yoon Amy 11:30 AM
Yu Daniel 11:30 AM
Zaza Zaid 10:30 AM

2016 Annual Hangar Dance


When: October 22, 2016 6:30-11:00 pm
Where: Frontiers of Flight Museum, 6911 Lemmon Ave., Dallas 75209

Register By Clicking Here

Annual Hangar Dance benefitting challenge air for kids & friends

Please join us on Saturday, October 22, 2016 to celebrate Challenge Air’s 3rd Annual Hangar Dance. It’s a theme party so Be a Hero and wear your favorite hero costume or aviation attire. There will be food, drinks, live music, plane displays and a silent/live auction. This will be a great opportunity to show off your Big Band era dance moves, meet new and old friends, support Challenge Air and have fun!

Cost: $125/person or sponsorships available $1,000 – $10,000
Entertainment: McKinney Dance Band

Free and easy way to donate to Challenge Air as survey taker


Looking for a free and easy way to donate to Challenge Air for Kids & Friends? Become an online survey-taking volunteer and donate all or some of your earnings back!! We are giving Challenge Air for Kids & Friends a bonus donation for each member who registers on the following link: If you want to get more exposure on Instagram make sure you buy Instagram Followers
or buy Instagram Likes.

Challenge Air awarded Gold Level by GuideStar


Challenge Air achieved the Gold GuideStar Nonprofit Profile level. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information about nonprofit organizations and a leader in advancing transparency in the nonprofit sector. This level demonstrates Challenge Air’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.

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