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Conroe, TX Flight Times – alphabetical by last name – STILL SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY!!!


The Conroe event will still be on Saturday even with weather.  Rain could delay some flight times – but the event will still be held!

Below is the list of flight times. Please arrive 30 minutes before flight time.

Last Name First Name Flight Time
Amezaga Marisol 9:30 AM
Arrieta Gustavo 2:30 PM
Barone Sean 3:30 PM
BennettLagrone Nyjel 12:30 PM
Bhalesha Biya 1:30 PM
Bhalesha Salar 11:30 AM
Billette Patrick 10:30 AM
Blackwood Beau 12:30 PM
Bouldin Claire 10:30 AM
Bradley Landon 2:30 PM
Buford Delia 3:30 PM
Calvillo Cody 11:30 AM
Camey Adriel 11:30 AM
Camey Alexavier 11:30 AM
Camey Angel 11:30 AM
Capetillo Erik 2:30 PM
Ceasar Ethan 9:30 AM
Chapa Matthew 1:30 PM
Chapa Oscar 3:30 PM
Cheplick Parker 2:30 PM
Clements Brent 1:30 PM
Collins Kaydin 1:30 PM
Conerly Blake 3:30 PM
Cooper Logan 9:30 AM
Darnell Cadie 12:30 PM
Dean Tristan 11:30 AM
Devitt Ariel 12:30 PM
Driver Sebastian 12:30 PM
Duerksen Miller 3:30 PM
Duran Brittany 3:30 PM
Duval Bria 1:30 PM
Dyal Adam 12:30 PM
Ellestad Eli 9:30 AM
Ellis Kayson 11:30 AM
Engle Charles 10:30 AM
Escalante Cristian 10:30 AM
Espinosa Efrain 11:30 AM
Fellers Kailey 1:30 PM
Franca Sophia 12:30 PM
Gaddis Nathan 3:30 PM
Gallegos Liam 10:30 AM
Garczynski Conner 1:30 PM
Gilchriest Gabriel 1:30 PM
Ginsel Chase 11:30 AM
Golden Brendan 3:30 PM
Guerra Araceli 9:30 AM
Hastings Aric 3:30 PM
Hearn Carter 2:30 PM
Henderson Rio 3:30 PM
Hernandez Sergio 2:30 PM
Herzfeld Cameron 1:30 PM
Hickey Nicole 12:30 PM
Hitt Lena 12:30 PM
House Eva 11:30 AM
House Greyson 12:30 PM
Igler Lauren 10:30 AM
Jimenez Isaac 1:30 PM
Jones Breanna 10:30 AM
Jordan Carter 10:30 AM
King Jane 10:30 AM
King Owen 10:30 AM
Kirk Gavin 12:30 PM
Knight Rhomelo 1:30 PM
Kramm Louis 10:30 AM
Lindemann Skyler 9:30 AM
Lowery Rebecca 9:30 AM
Maciel Jonathan 9:30 AM
Madrid Paris 11:30 AM
Mansour Abdullah 12:30 PM
Marsh Emileigh 10:30 AM
Martin Mikayla 10:30 AM
Martinez Kaylnn 10:30 AM
Matson Brendan 1:30 PM
Mills David 10:30 AM
Mills Natalie 11:30 AM
Mitchell James-Michael 1:30 PM
Monroe Patrick 2:30 PM
Montoya Francisco 1:30 PM
Moreno Jaclyn 10:30 AM
Moyado Damian 2:30 PM
Nelson John 2:30 PM
Noland Max 3:30 PM
O’Brien Ian 12:30 PM
Parker William 11:30 AM
Paz Johnathon 9:30 AM
Perez Giancarlo 9:30 AM
Perez Ritchie 2:30 PM
Pruitt Dakoda “Kody” 9:30 AM
Ramos Leonardo 2:30 PM
Rawls OWEN 9:30 AM
Rios Edward James 9:30 AM
Rivera Alex 10:30 AM
Rivers Brock 9:30 AM
Romo Abel 3:30 PM
Salom Michael 2:30 PM
Sanchez Nicolas 1:30 PM
Sanger Simon 12:30 PM
Satizabal Brian 9:30 AM
Schatz Dylan 12:30 PM
Schoenle Gina 1:30 PM
Singleton Jacobly 2:30 PM
Sites Carson 11:30 AM
Smalley James 3:30 PM
Spence Cole 3:30 PM
Stevenson Trevyon 11:30 AM
Stilwell Finley 2:30 PM
Stilwell Kieran 2:30 PM
Stone Atley 1:30 PM
Suresh Sanjith R. 2:30 PM
Taylor Jace 9:30 AM
Thomas Heather Jo 12:30 PM
Turner Trevian 3:30 PM
Villareal Elijah Miguel 12:30 PM
Vincent Alexandra 11:30 AM
Wagner Carlin 10:30 AM
Walker Brady 9:30 AM
Walker Cohen 3:30 PM
Ward Seth 10:30 AM
Weaver Austin 12:30 PM
Wilkinson Carter 2:30 PM
Wimberly Kate 11:30 AM
Womack Emily 2:30 PM



2016 Annual Hangar Dance


When: October 22, 2016 6:30-11:00 pm
Where: Frontiers of Flight Museum, 6911 Lemmon Ave., Dallas 75209

Register By Clicking Here

Annual Hangar Dance benefitting challenge air for kids & friends

Please join us on Saturday, October 22, 2016 to celebrate Challenge Air’s 3rd Annual Hangar Dance. It’s a theme party so Be a Hero and wear your favorite hero costume or aviation attire. There will be food, drinks, live music, plane displays and a silent/live auction. This will be a great opportunity to show off your Big Band era dance moves, meet new and old friends, support Challenge Air and have fun!

Cost: $125/person or sponsorships available $1,000 – $10,000
Entertainment: McKinney Dance Band

Challenge Air awarded Gold Level by GuideStar


Challenge Air achieved the Gold GuideStar Nonprofit Profile level. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information about nonprofit organizations and a leader in advancing transparency in the nonprofit sector. This level demonstrates Challenge Air’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.

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