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The 2018 Challenge Air for Kids & Friends flying season is over.  We are proud to announce that Challenge Air hosted 14 Fly Days in 2018.  Over 175 pilots donated their time, airplane and fuel to fly almost 1,000 children with special needs and their families.  And we must recognize the almost 1,500 volunteers and donors that made these 14 fly days possible!

Thank you and many wishes for a wonderful holiday season and New  Year to all our Challenge Air friends & family!


Thank you to everyone who attended the 25th Anniversary  Celebration!  Over 150 people enjoyed a fun evening of fellowship, remembering Rick Amber and hearing Jessica Cox’s amazing story about over-coming obstacles.  Special co-pilots Jimmy and Tommy Crisp and their mom and dad, also shared an inspirational story.  Here’s to another 25 years!

Summer Camp fun for the Texas State School for the Blind & Visually Impaired


On Wednesday, June 13, 12 kids from the summer camp program Camp Challenge, participated in a fly day at the Hank Sasser Breakaway Air Park in Cedar Park, TX. The day focused on trying things out of you comfort zone. Five pilots from this small aviation community provided the flights while local community volunteers cooked burgers and hot dogs for lunch. A special thanks to this aviation community for helping promote the mission of Challenge Air for Kids & Friends.

Technical Difficulties


We are experiencing issues with our login in system currently, and are working to fix the problem promptly. If you experience an issue logging in, please send an email to . Thank you

Join the North Texas Giving Day Celebration #beyondtheflight

Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day is back on September 17, 2020! This is an event that lifts giving and engages the entire region to support local, nonprofits like Challenge Air for Kids and Friends. Help us celebrate the role we play in building confidence and self-esteem in children with special needs. North Texas Giving Day is an opportunity to show the world our generous spirit and that in these unprecedented times we can and will take care of each other.

Our Community is strong, is standing, and will thrive. You can show your support by clicking the link below to donate:

Thank you for helping us keep the dream alive!

Chattanooga, TN Flight Times – alphabetical by last name


Below is the list of flight times. Please arrive 30 minutes before flight time.

Last Name First Name Flight Time
Abraham Joseph 10:30 AM
Ballard Katelyn 10:30 AM
Caldwell Evan 12:30 PM
Campbell Brayden 2:30 PM
Cantrell Auldin 9:30 AM
Cassetty Samuel 12:30 PM
Chapman Logan 10:30 AM
Clark Michaela 2:30 PM
Colling Seth 9:30 AM
Coy Serena 10:30 AM
Davis Alex 10:30 AM
Doolittle Colt 11:30 AM
Downing Gabriel 11:30 AM
Dufour Charlie 2:30 PM
Ellis Connor 9:30 AM
Elmore Jordan 1:30 PM
Erwin Robert 12:30 PM
Essex Summer 2:30 PM
Evans David 10:30 AM
Eyrich Lizzy 11:30 AM
Freeman Will 9:30 AM
Goodridge Maxwell 2:30 PM
Grooms Emma 11:30 AM
Guffey Justin 11:30 AM
Hyde Luka 12:30 PM
Joel William 1:30 PM
Kent Chase 1:30 PM
Lane Aodhan 12:30 PM
Leonard Libby 11:30 AM
Lewis Daitona 10:30 AM
Lewis Noah 1:30 PM
Lunsford Ben 2:30 PM
Maldanado Graham Majestic 2:30 PM
New Connor 11:30 AM
Phillips Noah 10:30 AM
Pursley Brady 12:30 PM
Sedge Griffin 9:30 AM
Smith Charlie 12:30 PM
Smith Eli 1:30 PM
Smith Gabriel 1:30 PM
Smith Jordan 11:30 AM
Smith Kade 1:30 PM
Swanson Max 9:30 AM
Sweet Isabel 1:30 PM
Thornburgh Nicholas 10:30 AM
Tolbert PJ-Fox 12:30 PM
Trenkamp Antony 10:30 AM
Tyler Melody 9:30 AM
Tyler Quinn 9:30 AM
Vassilev Nina 9:30 AM
Wagner Ian 11:30 AM
Westbrook Joel 9:30 AM