Changed Lives

All Smiles

“Thank you again for inviting us to your Fly Day event in Kansas City. You have an amazing organization and it was such a great and emotional time. There were quite a few of my football players that attended your event and they were all smiles. So thank you for making so many special people extremely happy. I would definitely love to attend your events every year. Please keep me posted on any upcoming events. God Bless everyone at Challenge Air.”

A Beautiful Day

“I just had to write and thank you so very much for the gift of flight Challenge Air gave to my Grandsons. It was an absolutely beautiful day and this had to be one of the most thoughtful gifts I can think of for them to have received. You see one of them has Downs Syndrome, complicated by heart conditions that make it impossible for him to fly on a commercial flight in a pressurized cabin.

He is also extremely hard of hearing and communicates by using sign language, which he has not stopped signing “Airplane” since he got off the plane. My other grandson was horribly afraid of heights, but they both had a wonderful experience thanks to their pilot, Ian. I did not catch Ian’s last name but I’m sure you keep records of these events, if there is any way for me to obtain maybe an e-mail address, I would love to contact him in person to thank him one more time for what he did for our boys. He was a wonderful pilot and all of you are wonderful people for everything you do. We look forward to flying with you as many times as we can. “For everything I get to do like the other boys, I get to be a real boy.”
-The Standridge Family

Cherished Memories

“Thanks to Challenge Air our daughter Eme was able to go on her very first flight. We are very thankful to all of the volunteers that made this amazing day possible. Eme has kept an eye to the sky and has pointed out every airplane she spots ever since her flight. She’s even learned her own version of sign language for airplane to tell us when she spots one. Challenge Air created a special memory for Eme and we will cherish that forever, thank you.”
-Tyler Pierce

Nothing Compares

“I have been a pilot since 1963 and through the years always enjoyed taking first-time passengers up to experience the wonders of flight. I flew many years for Civil Air Patrol, which gave me the opportunity to give many flights to young Cadets.
However, nothing compares to the experience of flying with a child who is challenged in life; to see the expressions of delight, to watch the feeling of being able to control their emotions, to rejoice at being free and to watch the parent or guardian see emotions they had never seen before. I also have a handicapped child and would take her flying at every opportunity. Thank you Challenge Air for giving me the opportunity to pass on to those less fortunate, the freedom of flight.”
-Jeff Merritt

One More Time

“Words are not enough to express our gratitude for the wonderful experience Challenge Air provided for us! Marisol’s first flight experience was wonderful. She was amazed by the entire experience from the arrival to the hangar, the wonderful people walking us through the process, and all the activities to keep us entertained while waiting our turn.

Our coordinator was extremely helpful and very kind, he explained everything to us then introduced our Capitan and off we went! Marisol has autism and she has a very limited vocabulary, but when we landed and were taken to the hangar, with eyes wide open she said “One more time, please!”

Thank you again to all the organizers, sponsors and volunteers from Challenge Air! You gave my daughter something I could not have given to her, if it wasn’t for your wonderful program.”

Up and Away

“My son has flown with Challenge Air in the DFW area several times. When he first started, he could not sit in the pilot or co-pilot seat. Now, he has flown the plane several times thanks to several wonderfully patient pilots. I cannot begin to express the joy and pride on his face getting on the plane, flying and leaving the plane to enjoy all to the cheers from the crowd of devoted volunteers! It brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes every time! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
-Karen and Matthew

Another Miracle

“I wanted to thank you for providing a truly wonderful experience for my son Roger. He talked about his Fly Day all the way home and every time he saw a plane he would start going over how he got to fly on his own. As soon as he got home he wanted to call his grandmother and tell her what he had accomplished. He has put the shirt with the wings on his counter with his Miracle League trophies and took pictures of it with his phone. I can’t express how grateful my wife and I are to Challenge Air for providing this opportunity. We are looking forward to having another opportunity to fly the next time Challenge Air has an event near us.”

An Unbelievable Experience

“I wanted to take time to thank all of the volunteers of Challenge Air for an unbelievable experience for my son Ryan, who just turned seven. This was our first time participating in a Fly Day. My wife and I were so happy with all the warm receptions we received and smiling faces that cheered on our son before and after his 30-minute flight. I am a Lockheed Martin employee in Fort Worth, and was not aware that my company had a participating sponsorship in the event. I plan on writing similar praises to our local events coordinator. April, Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!”
-Paul, Michelle and Ryan Chavez

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