We are always in need of monetary donations to get our Fly Day events off the ground, literally. These life-changing events are offered at absolutely NO COST  to our families and are made possible through the generosity of our donors, corporate sponsors, volunteers, and pilots. You can change the way a child sees their disability by lifting their spirits and encouraging them to believe in themselves. All it takes is a donation. Big or small–every little bit helps. We have the power to do great in the lives of these children.


Corporate: See the Growth

You have influence. You have the option to spend money and time on a myriad of organizations, but do you ever see the impact your contribution makes? At Challenge Air you see where your time and money goes and feel the appreciation of the lives you helped change. Being a part of Challenge Air is an asset to your corporation in more ways than one. Donating to this organization makes an impact on the local community in a big way. The lives of families, children and volunteers are forever changed. Make the most of your charity.

Individual: It Only Takes One

No one forgets who helped them in their time of need. Throughout history people are remembered for the good they did be it for one person or thousands of people. This is your chance to see the good you do and be remembered by the ones you aided. The difference you make in the lives of children with special needs and their families is permanent. They have a fresh outlook on life and previous barriers are broken down. This opportunity is rewarding in every way.

Foundation: Impact. Repeat.

We are passionate about our cause. We stay true to our mission and are always making sure our copilots are at the heart of every decision. This is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of an amazing group of children and their families. Our nonprofit is worth your donation because we stick to our values and goals. It’s all about the children and how we can change their perspectives and break down limitations. We urge you to aid in transforming the lives of children with special needs. Believe. Impact. Repeat.

Donating to this organization makes an impact on the local community in a big way. The lives of children, families and volunteers are changed forever. At Challenge Air for Kids & Friends, you see where your financial contribution goes immediately and we invite you to come to a Fly Day to see the appreciation firsthand. Make the most of your charity by giving to Challenge Air today.

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