Common Questions (FAQ)

You have a question, we have the answer. Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions with our answers. Contact us to learn more about Challenge Air.

1. What is the age range of the kids who can fly?


7 - 21 years of age.

2. Does a parent or guardian have to fly with them?


Yes. While our pilots and volunteers are trained for our Fly Days, no one knows your child like you do. We believe it's best to you have in the plane 1) in case any safety issues arise and 2) you can experience your child actually flying the airplane!

3. How can I get Challenge Air to come to my area?


First, please review our mission and program goals to find out if your city is a fit for our qualifications.

Second, if you believe your organization or program satisfies our goals, you should then submit a complete application to be considered. Applications should detail out why you feel the Challenge Air program is a good fit for your city. In order to be considered for a “Fly Day” program in your city, applications will be reviewed bi-annually on April 1st (for events to be held during the 1st and 2ndquarters of the following year) and October 1st (for events to be held during the 3rd and 4th quarters of the following year). Each locales application will be submitted to the Challenge Air programs committee and reviewed. Once you are chosen as a select city, the terms will be formalized in a letter of understanding. The letter of understanding will outline Challenge Air’s expectations for a “Fly Day” and details Challenge Air’s commitment to your programs success. If you have questions concerning your particular qualifications and want to submit a letter of inquiry prior to preparing an application, you may do so. Any letter of inquiry should include a summary of your request and the impact it could have on the people served. After reviewing the letter, Challenge Air staff can assess whether or not your organization should continue the application process based on your qualifications. Preliminary meetings are discouraged. Thank you in advance for your interest in our program!

4. Is there a cost involved?


There is no cost involved in the flight experience.  The flight is free for all co-pilot's thanks to the generosity of our pilots who donate time and aircraft costs to our event.  These flights are also funded through individual, corporate, and private grant funding.

5. How many people can fly on the plane?


Each co-pilot can bring a parent or guardian and one sibling or friend – a total of three plus the pilot.

6. Is there a weight limit?


Yes, each flyer must not exceed 250 pounds.

7. Does Challenge Air require medical proof of participants disability?


No, we do not.

8. How can I volunteer?


We would love to have you volunteer to assist with hangar set-up, check-in, loading, ground operations, sponsor coordinators, marketing assistance. If you're interested in volunteering at a Fly Day, please register on the Events page at: If you'd like to donate your services or skills to Challenge Air, please call our office at 214-351-3353. 

9. What are the pilot requirements?


Each pilot must have a private pilot license, 350 total logged flying hours, current medical, and proof of insurance. To learn more click here.

10. Where are you located?


The headquarters are located at: 8001 Lemmon Ave., Suite 280, Dallas, TX  75209

11. Are experimental aircraft allowed?


No, experimental aircraft cannot be used to fly children at a Challenge Air Fly Day. 

12. How are you handling COVID-19 risks?


Challenge Air takes the health and safety of our pilots, co-pilots, family members and volunteers very seriously.  Challenge Air follows local and national guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at all events.   For the safety of everyone, regardless of vaccination status, Challenge Air recommends that all volunteers and participants wear a mask throughout the event. All event participants meet outside when appropriate, and maintain a social distance to mitigate the spread of COVID.  We also ask all pilots to sanitize cockpits before and after each mission.  The hangar will be cleaned periodically throughout the day in high-traffic areas.  Access to hand sanitizer and restrooms for hand-washing will be available.  If a community is experiencing a COVID breakout, the event would be postponed to a safer date.

13. How do you find students to participate?


We work with local educators, nonprofit agencies that provide a service to kids with special needs, aviation organizations and school districts.  Word of mouth is by far our best source for finding participants.

14. Do I have to own an airplane to fly?


No, pilots often rent aircraft from a flight school or approved club owned plane.  Pilots also volunteer on the flight line, dispatch and on the ramp if they do not have access to a plane.

15. How long are the flights?


Each flight takes around 30 minutes but the total time for the flight “experience” can vary from 45 minutes to an hour.

16. Is fuel reimbursement offered?


Challenge Air does not offer compensation or fuel reimbursement to volunteer pilots.

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