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Shop Apparel/ Support Challenge Air


Support Challenge Air and look good too. Interested in contributing to Challenge Air while shopping for a cause?


When you buy Challenge Air merchandise, you’re not only acquiring stylish items but also contributing to funding flights that bring inspiration and confidence to children with special needs.

Youth and adult sizes available, starting at just $12.99.

Shop Now and Help Support the Challenge Air mission!

Chance to Fly with the D-Day Squadron

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to fly in a DC3 over Normandy Beach?
Well, here’s an opportunity where you not only witness history but you also become an integral part of it!
One lucky bidder, 2 lucky “crew members” can bid on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and support Challenge Air for Kids & Friends.
Register to bid to fly with the D-Day Squadron as they recreate the historic crossing from Duxford, England to Normandy, France!
Tap here to learn more or make your bid ➡️
Deadline to bid is November 15, 2023. The event takes place in June, 2024.

Yes! I want to #GiveKidsWings

By eliminating the belief that they are limited, these children can grow to their full potential. They are given the opportunity to find courage within themselves and build in areas where they lack self-esteem. Challenge Air provides an unforgettable growing experience that opens the door to possibilities while allowing the children to see if they can fly a plane they can do anything!
Please consider making a contribution today and be a difference maker in the lives of children with special needs.👉